What is Babel Guide?

Babel is not just a mythical place where God punished mankind making them speak in different languages, it is also a metaphor for incomprehensible information chaos. Have you ever had the same feeling trying to find out the important facts about social media? Well, make it even more complicated by adding 20+ national languages of different European countries and the Babel tower stands in front of you. But do not worry, there is a guide.

The Mission

Learn about the trends, influencers, successful projects, local stars, new start-ups and get connected – without spam and deadwood. We aim to build a map of the new social media land, share the experience, help each other to know more and better. In this game, everyone can gain by adding their own input. Prepare for a load of case studies, interviews, how-tos, infographics, best practices – brought to you by the best professionals from the social media industry in Central and Eastern Europe. We want to give you a glimpse into why we made it – and help you on your way to success. We always want to hear about interesting projects and people – feel free to connect!

Looking for contributors especially from Poland, Hungary, Austria – write us and join the forces! We cover the translation / proof reading costs. You also get access to our inner resources such as CEE Social Media wiki, you can of course still publish the articles in your native language on-line and off-line (no exclusivity except the English version for us).


Who stands behind Babel Guide?

Adam Zbiejczuk – editor-in-chief

Adam is the founder and editor of Babel Guide. He has always had a passion to connect people and projects and social media has made the dream come true. He studied journalism, organized new media festivals and then he was given a chance to take care of online representation of a new bank brand coming to the Czech Republic. After two years in mBank he moved to one of the biggest CEE performance marketing agencies, Ataxo.

Contacts: www.zbiejczuk.comadam@zbiejczuk.com – tel: +420 736 779 920

Contact me

+420 736 779 920