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Babel Guide Reloaded

OK. It has been a long period of silence. Long enough to claim Babel Guide dead. But, to me the main idea stays valid – only the way I thought this site could be run turned out a dead-end. So, lets start again. I announce Babel Guide Reloaded, starting 1st May 2013!

Babel Guide Reloaded

New places we've never seen before (photo by Emily White)

So what does it mean? I realized I cannot do this as a one-man show. I sincerly invite others to join Babel Guide as guest bloggers. I belive there’s value in cooperating. I don’t pay you – but I will pay for translation and/or proof-reading. I will do my best to help you with your articles from a position of an editor. I can give you tips and contacts. I can help you to reach audience you would be pursuing toughly on your own. My Twitter / LinkedIn / Facebook audience (+backlinks) is all yours.

What I want? Articles that are not a copy of Mashable. Interviews with great people. Case studies. Interesting point of view, maybe with some kind of interdiciplinary perspective. You can publish your articles in your native language on your own blog too (but I’d strongly prefer to get the new stuff, not something already published – though there might be some exceptions).

I posted a kind of call for participants on my personal Czech blog and about 10 people expressed interest in contributing, so I belive I have a crew for the start. But these are CZ+SK people only – so especially guest bloggers from other CEE countries are warmly welcome! I look forward to hearing from you!

And get ready for Babel Guide 2.0 – starting 1st May 2013!

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