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Did you like the first Babeltalk?

So the first #babeltalk is a history. I was a bit nervous about it, but in the end I suppose it wasn’t that bad. So find the presentations, plans and photos below :)

BabelTalk catering by (brought to you by

BabelTalk catering by (brought to you by

I would like to thank all the people that made it happen: the speakers – Dawid Pacha, Belinda Filippelli and Mishka Plesnik, the Cross club and Cimes Deli, guys from Triad that were so generous, that they even came late and missed some of the food they sponsored – and all the people that came, met and networked :) special thanks to those brave guys who grabbed the mic even though the concentration of the crowd has been pretty much lost – we have to figure out how to improve this (make more people participate / listen): Olivier Clerc, Martin Lér and Karel Tlusťák.

A short recap for those of you who missed it: I took place of the first speaker, asking the audience to participate in BabelGuide. There will be some changes taking place soon with the aim to improve the site. My goal is to have at least one article a week and also much more active Facebook and Twitter account. And I want to reach the audience outside of the Czech Republic. My offer to you: send me your articles – you can publish them in Czech (on your own blog or or and I will translate them in English! Win-win situation. I also mentioned upcoming possible cooperation with SocialBakers (congrats to the latest success!) – they also need more ideas for their blog and this makes it all even more interesting as you will probably be able to ask them to dig some data for you :)

Then Belinda Filippelli started her presentation about how SoLoMo is changing the way people give feedback to businesses, especially in gastronomy. Check her presentation below.

In a funny presentation she complained about complaining – but she also presented some interesting numbers about Foursquare and then Mishka Plesnik introduced herself as a community manager for Prague Yelp (however she didn’t disclose much numbers – so you have to check out yourselves).

Then there was Dawid Pacha who presented both the brief history of Social Media Thursdays (MLM guys on the first meeting FTW) and his new projects – School of New Media and RealDeal (you can test the beta and get some free candies).

And then there was Olivier Clerc presenting his project – a social business based on the already famous idea of “suspended coffee“, DonbyDay. Want to know more and get a real pitch? Just contact Olivier – Martin Lér presented – a new Czech magazine about music – for tablets. And Karel Tlusťák from showed some features of the Ads API tool they are working on (which – according to industry experts like Zdeněk Linc – might have a really huge potential).

What did not really work:

1) we have had some issues with the presentation (no sound for the video – my fault!)
2) people were distracted – a break after Belinda & Mishka turned out to be a really bad idea
3) early start – I thought that telling people to start at 5 PM is a way to make them come at 6 PM. But it didn’t really work much and there was nothing to do for those who came on time. I will try to change this for the next event.

When do we meet? The next BabelTalk will take place in Brno on 20th March, at 6 PM in Sport Balkán (Jugoslávská 5). Join the Facebook event. I invited Zdeněk Škromach – it would help if you tell him we want him to come for real!

Promised pictures – these do not really catch the essence of Cross club (but that’s really a hard task) can be found in a Facebook gallery – thanks to Kombajn. I would really really appreciate any feedback from you guys – write in the comments, message me, call me: I want this to become a tradition and I want you to enjoy it, so let me know what can we do better.

PS: One cool video about the customer service I really like…

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