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Does measuring the online Word-of-Mouth sound unreal to you? Well, think twice! We hear more and more often about the power of influencers and there are many ways how to approach this phenomenon. We will soon publish an interview with David Szabo from Hungarian start-up BrandVee that looks for influencers among your fans – iPyro goes the other way… It claims a twist in the future of the digital advertising. We bring you an insight into this innovative platform that will definitely make its mark on Social Media marketing.

Word of Mouth

Word of Mouth (photo by vaXzine)

Buzzers aka digital trendsetters

iPyro reaches an impressive number of people within a short time by involving the Social Media’s trendsetters and influencers (aka pyros). Those people’s profiles are being scanned by iPyro and if popular enough, summoned for the interview and then sent to action. They have many followers which helps campaigns go viral in order to reach a great number of people. It is a common thing to make a better reach if Social Media influencers and buzzers participate in spreading the word. The success in Serbia seems to validate the claims.


Eldad Zenati

Eldad Zenati

Eldad Zenati, the founder of iPyro, explains that they are constantly in search of the pyros and that they look for them everywhere, even in the clubs, restaurants, bars, universities. Pyros are not necessarily celebrities. They can also be unknown people who indirectly or subtly share messages or commercials via Social Media or blogs, making a huge contribution to a certain project or brand.

Analysis and monitoring

What’s interesting about this is that iPyro also offers analysis of concrete results. It took two years to develop the required technology for this. The technology enables all the posts’ comments to be seen as well as making the feedback about the product/service reachable just the way all the comments are. This is crucial for finding out consumers’ view about a certain brand/product/service.


Many international companies use this interesting Word-of-Mouth concept. iPyro recently presented a campaign against family violence, which went viral within no time, reaching an amazing number of views. The video about a young girl taking daily photos of herself with bruises on her face, reached over 3 mil views in only 7 days, currently having nearly 6 mil views on YouTube. At first, the information about the campaign was hidden from public. It was planned to be launched as a real-life situation where a young girl asks for help. That way, iPyro triggered users’ emotions, what played a crucial role in going viral.
As virality plays the most important part for iPyro, the Social Media reach and low cost that it provides is something you cannot neglect with this platform. iPyro helps you make a significant impact via Social Media marketing with an affordable budget and a measurable ROI for everything you pay.

Success in Serbia

There are 1.358 iPyro influencers in Serbia at the moment. The family violence campaign by Saatch&Saatchi Belgrade, Fond B92 and Direct Media PR won the awards in Prague and New York. The video has been shared by 25% of the iPyro influencers which helped it reach 98.382 users who performed 7000 viral seeds, such as sharing, liking, commenting.

iPyro in Croatia

A few months ago, the welcome of iPyro platform in Croatia has been presented with a welcome party powered by AperolSpritz, in one of the most famous clubs in Zagreb, Pepermint. The platform itself is currently running a test phase in order to scan all the possibilities in this market but also to find the suitable influencers.

Two, highly interesting campaigns are being prepared at the moment. We are looking forward to launch the iPad Air campaign soon, but also the B92 Foundation campaign. “ says Toma Pervan, the iPyro community manager for Croatia.

iPyro presents a significant addition to brands’ marketing activities and it is a sort of extension to the known community management because it comes from the people users usually trust. It is a recommendation, a good review compared to the usual commericals we see.“

Pyros, algorithm, location, analysis, monitoring is what you get from iPyro. It doesn’t only provide a cost-efficient Social Media campaign but it also helps you upgrade your current campaign with an additional word-of-mouth approach. If you take into consideration the future of video as THE marketing channel, iPyro might as well help you discover the true meaning of the buzz word „viral“.

This post was written by Martina Vuksan: follow her on Twitter, connect on LinkedIn or Facebook.

Martina Vuksan

Martina Vuksan

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