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Ten Commandments of Twitter Communication for Companies

This is my favourite set of recommendations for companies and their communication – it was written by Martin Malý last autumn.

Martin has been generous and published it under Creative Commons licence CC-BY-ND (Attribution – NoDerivs 3.0). I asked him if he would not mind it being translated and shared, and he’s fine with that.

Ten Commandments (by James Perkins)

Ten Commandments (by James Perkins)

I have known Martin since he started the first real Czech blogging service in 2003 . I’m glad he regards me as a person worth arguing with!–We often argue about various issues, but we respect each other a lot.

But, back to the point – Martin has made it clear many times he’s a power user of social media and he knows how to use them. He dislikes stupid people, especially if they’re in charge of social media in a company. With his keen observation, and much experience, he sat down and wrote a short list of DOs and DON’Ts for people to communicate better within a company. Here we go:


  1. Thank you
  2. We apologize
  3. We will fix it
  4. We feel sorry about it
  5. We will help you


  1. You have no idea how much work is behind it / You don’t understand it  / You don’t get it
  2. It’s lies and defamation spread by our unsuccessful competitors
  3. If you don’t stop this slandering campaign, we will consider a legal action
  4. We know where this does come from / what is your goal
  5. And what have YOU done?

Is it so fucking hard to understand?

Orignially published on Learn more about Martin.

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